Bentley Road Trip

Hey loves! It’s that time again. Only two weeks after my first mediterranean cruise with Seabourn, I am allowed to go on a road trip through northern Italy with the Bentley GT Continental Speed. I would say life could be far worse. My very first contact with Bentley was during my press trip to Sicily last year… and that only heightened my enthusiasm for this Grand Tour icon… so now you can maybe imagine how much I was looking forward to this road trip, dedicated to the attitude of Grandezza and it’s beloved message.
Early in the morning my flight went from Hamburg to Munich, where the handover took place at the Bentley Motors Official Dealer Emil Frey. I had to smile a little after the taxi driver dropped me off, as it took him a particularly long time to drive off.


Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers.

Colin McRae

From Munich the road trip initially started to Lago di Garda in perfect weather… destination was the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli, to be precise. A dream grand hotel that I have wanted to visit for years. The ride there was relaxed, almost meditative and full of epic moments through the Italian mountains down to the majestic Lake Garda where the car ferry took us to the right side where Villa Feltrinelli is located. Two nights I was allowed to enjoy this sophisticated atmosphere. My room was stately and the food was absolutely great.

From there we went to the Italian mountains, more precisely to the five star Hideaway Forestis. An unforgettable place where tradition and modernity meet at 1800 meters. An oasis for spa and nature lovers. The drive there was fantastic again… I love how the world feels in a Bentley… sophisticated, generous, sublime and simply pure. Silence and space are the epitome of luxury for me… especially in a world full of noise and lack of space.

Feel free to check out my Instagram Stories Highlights to see all the videos of the trip. Have a lovely day!