Elemental Fragrances

I am so in love with my new Elementals Fragrances. Their elementals universe line is my favorite. Earth, water, fire, wood and metal.
I’m using at the moment the metal fragrance for the day and the wood one for the night. Sometimes I combine both… it works perfectly! I’ve been a big fan of scents for years… especially the harsh ones are my favorite. What I find particularly special about elementals is that they have interpreted the elements from Chinese medicine (in which I believe very much) in the world of fragrances. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, everything within our Universe can be attributed to one of five elements. This theory is fundamental to Chinese disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The elements exist in a continuous and dynamic system of growth, depletion and opposition in order to create and maintain balance. 

You should visit their website and discover the whole Elementals world. You are not going to be disappointed. On my instagram feed you will also find a cute reel about my Elementals experience. Have a lovely day!