Madrid is always a great experience. The great architecture, the wonderful shopping opportunities. so many cultural offerings such as museums, theaters and especially the opera are worth a visit. That was my fourth time there and certainly not the last. My hotel was the Rosewood Villa Magna in the fashionable Salamanca district. As soon as I arrived, I was impressed by the modern and stylish architecture, which made me very curious about the interior design. My room was spacious and at the same time very comfortably furnished in a modern English style. In addition to the dressing room, my second favorite corner was the marble bathtub. I had a view to the lively Paseo de la Castellana street, which is closed every Sunday for the Madrid locals for running. Too bad I left my gym clothes at home.

In addition to the interior, which was furnished very lovingly and high quality, I liked the service, which was very friendly and attentive… when what also needs to be said is that all uniforms were very stylish and perfectly matched to the interior.The rosewood Villa Magna hall was almost all day very lively… i loved hanging out there and watching the interesting personalities who came in fresh from shopping in the Salamanca trendy district with their Chanel, Hermès, Gucci and Prada bags in search of classy refreshments. Unfortunately the spa was closed for renovations… yet another reason for me to return soon. You can find more impressions on my Instagram.There is also a reels waiting for you. xoxo Georgina Moreno