My arrival in Geneva already showed up what was waiting for me in the next three days. My plane reached the city in bright sunshine. On the left side I could see the light snow covered mountains and on the right the striking water fountain rising up in the middle of the majestic lake of Geneva.

At the airport, an elegantly dressed driver was waiting for me. The drive to the Woodward did not take long and led through beautiful properties right on the lake. I was very excited about the new grand hotel right on lake geneva, which has opened its doors in september 2021 and belongs to the Oetker Collection. Many questions were waiting for an answer. New hotels are often not well established and the staff seems insecure… the furnishings are often not perfect… I wondered what was waiting for me this time. But here my expectation was exceeded. It started with a very friendly greeting and a self-confident appearance from the entire staff from the porter to the reception.

My very spacious and highly comfortable suite with a fantastic view of the lake was very classy furnished in art deco style, which I personally love. No centimeter was left undersigned. I especially loved the wood marquetery and floors made by a Tuscan flooring maison. Really a highlight was the beautiful lacquered experience bar with mother of pearl inserts in the living room by Atelier Anne Midavaine. The bathroom, made entirely of marble, had also a lake view and was so beautiful that I immediately wanted to take a bath… but there was no time for that, because a treatment in the in-house spa was waiting for me. The full body massage including a facial with Guerlain products was extremely good and the massage bed was a kind of box spring in its category with heating and adjustable height.

During my stay, I was allowed to try out both restaurants and was spoiled without exception. Here I was also asked every time whether there were allergies and made sure that I was fine.
My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and that was an amazing experience at woodward with wonderful patisserie and extremely delicious bircher muesli. Since the grand hotel is very close to the city center, I also went shopping and found all the top brands that I love there.
My stay was not long but very relaxing, because I slept really well there…almost like at home in my Hästens bed… the Woodward is now one of hotels I have ever visited that offers exceptionally good beds. Please check my Instagram stories highlights for the videos of this trip. xoxo Georgina Moreno.