Hey loves. I am finally back home after an amazing trip to the Maldives. This time, I visited four different luxury resorts and it was again absolutely fabulous to be there. As always when I visit the Maldives I take my favorite skin care products with me from the Swiss brand Elixseri. These serums are just the best for my skin and give me in every situation a fantastic treatment. I’ve already wrote a lot about my experiences with elixseri here and here. Please have a look if you want to know more. 

It was the best decision to take these effective products with me,  cause during traveling it is often a challenge to look fresh and cheerful. The facial skin has to deal with many factors, such as cold, wind, heating air, or strong sun. The  Elixseri Products are perfect for a demanding skin like mine, sensitive and tending to impurities. I always use all Elixseri serums during the day and decide witch one depending on what my skin needs. 

After a long sunny day full of fotoshootings on the Maldives, I need to take more intensive care for my skin and I use the Skin Meditation for example. For the night I use the Rescue Diver serum and this happens the same when I am at home. The days on the Maldives were amazing but also stressful visiting several resorts and shooting different new outfits for you… so after waking up I normally use Firm Conviction to look fresh and  have a soft skin before applying my makeup. As you can see my skin always looked relaxed and beautiful during my stay at the Maldives. Thx to Elixseri. Have a lovely day!