Since I founded Herstyleboard, I have had many great experiences. I can say that I have grown and matured with this blog. Herstyleboard gave me the chance to meet with special people and places. Especially when you think that you have already experienced all, something comes out that surpasses everything.

About two weeks ago I was allowed to experience how it is to fly with a private jet. I flew with Netjets to Scotland, stayed at the Fife Arms Hotel for one night and flew back to Hamburg the next day. To Scotland I flew with the Cessna Citation Latitude and back with the Phenom 300 from Embrar. Both medium sized class machines, very comfortable and luxurious. NetJets is the joint branding of three legally independent companies that rent business travel aircraft and, in some cases, also market shareholdings in these aircraft.

As soon as we arrived at the private jet terminal at the airport in Hamburg, we went directly to the plane after an uncomplicated turn-over and took off. Two very charming pilots have flown us. Flying with the private jet is not just the luxury side we know. It is also a necessity for business people and sometimes even the only meaningful way of traveling. You fly much higher than normal aircrafts and thus saves fuel and has less prevention by air traffic. The second point is that you can fly with almost no exception directly to your destination, what makes the privat jet flying more flexible than normal aviation.

There are many reasons that make it worthwhile when you need it for business and can afford. For me this experience with Netjets was definitely an unforgettable one and I hope I can experience something like this again in my life. And please stay tuned! Although we did not have much time in Scotland, Netjets got the best out and created a great program for us. I will show in two more posts what we did and the outfits I wore. In addition you will have the chance to see more from this amazing hotel,
Netjets selected for us. I definitely have to come back there soon. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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