Hey loves. Some days ago I went with my husband to one of my favorite destinations worldwide: Marrakech. Last year we have been there for almost five days at the La Mamounia Marrakech. We were so busy having meetings and photoshoot, that we didn’t have the chance to explore the city as good as we should. We even had no time to enjoy the hotel. For this reason, we decided to come back this year again.

Everything starts when you arrive at the majestic entrance area, the door is opened for you and the welcome dignified and friendly. Your sense of smell is stimulated when you smell this flowery scent of dates and cedar. This is the official fragrance of the hotel. During the check-in your sense of taste is awakened when you are pampered with delicacies such as almond milk and dates. Once you are brought to your room, a mixture of chillout and lounge music sounds touches your sense of hearing. For your sense of view is every inch of this hotel a pleasure.

My favorite place to be at La Mamounia is definitely the huge pool area, where you can have breakfast and also Lunch. It’s situated just behind their beautiful garden full of olive trees, cactus and tausend of colorful and exotic flowers. You can find there a lot of beautiful cats and birds too. Almost everyday after our shopping tour, we spent the most of the time there having some fresh drinks and delicious ice creams.

This year I could finally visit the fitness center and do frequently sports. They have a wide choice of fitness equipments. Tip: after sports I booked a relaxing massage with organ oil at the famous 2,500 square meter spa. You should try it!

At La Mamounia there are many possibilities to have lunch or dinner. There is a french, Italian and moroccan restaurant. You can also have some snacks at the pool and hotel bar too. My favorite one is the moroccan restaurant with its beautiful interior design and traditional life music. I am missing this place so much. I hope to have the chance to come back soon.

 Soon I will be posting here a Marrakech travel diary. Where to go, to eat, to sleep and so on. So stay tuned. Oh and not to forget, we did create a lot of beautiful content for you at La Mamounia and Marrakech. I will post all the photoshoots during the next days for you. More Travel Diaries can be found here. Have a lovely day babes! xoxo Georgina