Lanserhof Sylt with Bentley

A few days ago it was that time again for me. This time not by plane, but by car… or rather, a limousine. With the Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner we took turns driving towards Sylt, which is about 3 hours away from Hamburg.
Our destination was the luxury clinic Lanserhof. But before I get to that, I would like to say a few words about this amazing luxury car. The Flying Spur, which costs a quarter of a million, is pure elegance and elemental force … it’s not a sports car, because it weighs up to 2,500 tons, which is an impressive weight. For comparison, the Porsche 911 weighs up to 1,785 tons. The Flying Spur is heavy but feels like it’s on rails when driving. When the car reaches the high speed level, pure power comes out. It was a change for me, as a sports car lover, to drive this car… but I enjoyed it and already miss it.

Back to the Lanserhof, which calls itself a medical spa. This explanation gets to the heart of the matter, because Lanserhof has stood for innovative vital medicine and state-of-the-art concepts for prevention and health regeneration since over 35 years. The Lanserhof concept, created on the base of large scientific research and development work, is a symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and the latest medical findings. There you can pamper your body and mind in the absolute luxury hotel atmosphere.
Extensive medical and invasive beauty treatments can be carried out there.

There is Lanserhof in Lans in Austria, in Hamburg, on Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria and recently also on the island Sylt in a beautiful minimalistic and thatched house. We were only there for two nights and couldn’t try out the full Lanserhof experience. Our room was very spacious and high standard in terms of interior design and we had a beautiful view to the pool. Nevertheless, the relaxed atmosphere, the super healthy food and the sports massage have already had an effect, because I came home deeply relaxed and this state remained for days. What I also took away from this stay was a lot of valuable food tips that I can use to improve my everyday life. As always, you’ll find my stories about this trip on my instagram feed under highlights. Have a lovely day!

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