Maldives Special – The 6 Resorts to be

I was really looking forward to this trip because somehow I felt it was going to be very special. Anyone who has been following my blog for a long time knows that I love the Maldives very much. It’s my very favorite place in the world. But this trip was not something very special because I really like being at the Maldives, but because this time I could get to know a total of six resorts and it lasted almost three weeks in total.

I will put together an overview for you with the highlights from each resort, because at the end of the day all resorts at the five star level are more or less all at the same high level and don’t give each other anything. Finding the right resort for the trip is more about finding what suits you best and offers the most of what you are looking for.

Patina Maldives

It’s a 40-minute boat ride from Male. Upon arrival, I knew immediately (if you speak from the first impression..) that this place is for Brazilian lovers… not only because the whole resort was designed by the Brazilian star designer and architect Marcio Kogan… but also because the whole attitude towards life there Brazilian matches. For example, there are no big traditional restaurants like on the other islands, but a relaxed village with various cool spots where you can sit and eat outside.
As already mentioned, design freaks will get their money’s worth here. Architecture and design in perfection. The highlight here for me was the environmental initiative, where every guest can make a ceramic coral landscape, which is taken to the sea and used to save the corals.

St Regis Maldives

The welcome was very warm and special, with an ice-cold coconut after the short but heated seaplane flight. This island is something for design freaks, because everything there looks very aesthetic and sophisticated. Again, the food was wonderful. The island was even smaller and cuddlier. The accommodations are very noble and offer everything your heart desires. The highlight here was the dinner in the middle of the jungle… the atmosphere was unique and mystical.

Lux Maldives

After being at the opening of Lux Grand Baie in Mauritius and was totally amazed by this hotel, so I decided to get to know the Lux Resort in the Maldives. There are parallels such as the positive atmosphere and a staff that is very interested in making you feel good. The island is large and features highlights such as a picturesque sandbank and two London-style phone boxes that actually work. My highlight here was the yoga class, where I learned a lot, and the coral workshop, where I made my own coral station and brought it into the sea. Lux Maldives is perfect for young couples and families. That is a fact.

The Four Seasons Resort

You can get there with their own Four Seasons seaplane. The advantage of this is that it is classier and more spacious than the normal seaplanes that fly from Male. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. The island is not too small and not too big. It is beautifully prepared by nature. The accommodations are spacious and casually chic. The food was great no matter where. There was something for every taste… whether Italian, Lebanese or Asian… the service was on point, European-oriented and well attuned… they even could read my thoughts… My highlight here was the spa visit with a top-class massage and an Ayurveda advice appointment with an doctor who told me how to get better nutrition and how to take better care of your body. I learned a lot here. Overall, there was a very romantic atmosphere. Absolutely perfect for newlyweds in love.

Ritz Carlton Maldives

It’s right next to Patina Island. So here the transfer was very short. Again, the moment I set foot on the island, I had a clear feeling… it’s going to be a fantastic stay. And so it was.
Our accommodation (to put it completely understated) was the most beautiful, noblest and almost largest so far. This villa is so gorgeous that I would like to rebuild it exactly like this in Europe. Everything is just the way I love it here… pure luxury and much more than that. The island is not that big, which I personally like and the service and food… very good. My highlight here (besides the amazing accommodation) was the catamaran ride into the sunset, where we saw dolphins.

Soneva Fushi

Only 35 minutes by seaplane from Male, this island inspires with very old and natural plantings. Another highlight are the more than 1.000 rabbits and chickens that live freely in the leafy tropical forest. This island is unlike any other… it feels like a Robinson Crusoe fairy tale… the whole architecture is very rustic and there is a strong focus on sustainability. Nevertheless, it is also luxurious there. Gastronomy and accommodation are of a high standard. My highlight was the trip to the sandbank not far from the island at sunset. Simply unforgettable!

In summary, something has to be said. Almost all resorts do a lot for the environment… which is very important to me. Another big trend is the topic of health… in almost every resort you can get Ayurvedic treatment and more than that… so it is also a perfect destination for spa seekers. Otherwise, the Maldives remains my absolute number one destination in the world. This is where glamor beauty and sophisticated scenery meet. Here you can let go the moment you put your foot off the plane, because the Maldivian people know very well how to take care of you… and last but not least, it’s one of the most romantic places in the world… no doubt.
You can find more details and all stories about the trip on my Instagram under Highlights / Maldives 2022 part one and two. Have fun watching. xoxo Georgina