My first Hermès Bag

I’m not going to explain the bag details extensively as others have done it a million times here. Yes, it’s a Kelly, size 28. I’ve been waiting for her for about two years and to be honest… I thought the phone call was a fairy tale. The reason for this? In these two years I have heard countless horror stories about ordering Hermes bags in stores. It was said that some waited more than five years, others never got the call and others were not put on the waiting list at all… Over time, my hope that it would work was zero.

One day I was sitting in the living room and watching TV. Suddenly my iPhone rang and the call was there… at the other end someone answered: Hello, Hermès Hamburg… I, on the other hand, thought it was a fake call and I was being tricked… over time I realized it was really true and really happening. When I realized that, I felt hot and cold… nervousness spread. Well… after I calmed down, I said in a calm voice (that was really hard for me) that I’ll come over in about 2 days to have a look.

I ordered a Kelly in Etoupe with silver hardware… but a Kelly 28 in Off-White Craie with gold hardware was waiting for me… it’s (they say) that you rarely get exactly the bag you ordered.
Finally the day came (it was very difficult for me to wait) and I drove to Hamburg. When I got to the store, I didn’t have to wait and was looked after in a very friendly manner, as always.
I wasn’t sure if I would like this Kelly, but when she arrived it was love at first sight. She was perfect and there was no choice but to take her with me. Yes, it’s an investment, but a good one… because by the time it leaves the store… it’s worth at least double so expensive. It’s timeless, very popular and an iconic piece. So in summary… it’s worth the wait and if the call does come… all I’m saying… enjoy every second of it until you pick it up at the store. It will be love forever. Have a lovely day!