SEABOURN Brazil Cruise

I’ve traveled so much in my life, but I still get excited every time I’m about to leave… especially if it’s a long-distance trip.
This time I went to Brazil, where I’ve been quite often… but this time everything was different, because after a stay of three days in Rio de Janeiro, we continued by ship along the Brazilian coast into the Amazon River up to Manaus. A journey of superlatives.
My stay in Rio began with a glamorous reunion at my beloved Grand Hotel Copacabana Palace. This is the noblest house on the square with a legendary history. Then followed by a twelve-day journey with the brand new and very luxurious expedition ship SEABOURN Venture started towards the Amazon. On the way we stopped in Buzios, Recife and Natal. All very nice coastal towns with colonial charm. Natal attracted me the most because of the extensive beaches.
Contrary to my expectations, the city was also very clean, orderly and modern. Then we went into the Amazon… the excitement about it was felt everywhere on the cruiseship and that was totally justified because the Amazon is so impressive… the incredible nature, the endless horizons without any civilization, a river that is in some places so wide that it feels like the sea. We stopped at two scenic spots along the river: Santarem and Parintins. We were allowed to get to know nature as well as the local people. A very exclusive and special occasion.
This is my second cruise with SEABOURN and anyway and slowly I’m getting addicted. This calm, meditative and relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the ship really lets you switch off… A troop of employees who do everything to pamper you make it easy to feel good… and above all all the facilities on the ship (spa, gym, restaurants, bars, lounges and much more…) make me really happy.
And not to be scoffed at are the balcony suites, which are very elegantly furnished and the bed, which is incredibly comfortable and spacious in both SEABOURN ships I’ve been. I sleep better nowhere coupled with the smooth movement of the sea.
Before I tell you more, have a look at my Brazil highlights on my Instagram… there you can see specifically all the details of this trip, which ended with a stay at the most distinguished Grand Hotel in São Paulo, the Palácio Tangará.