The Thinking Traveller – Greece

As part of a cruise I was in Mykonos for a couple of hours… nothing serious but this was my first time in Greece. So I was really excited about the second journey to Greece that was ahead of me. Kea was the target, where we were allowed to stay in beautiful villa of The Thinking Traveller collection for a week. The Thinking Traveller is a villa rental company that only offers luxury homes of the extra class. They have houses in Italy, France, Spain and Greece. Some time ago we tested a Villa called Mandorla in Sicily and it was absolutely sensational… accordingly, the expectation was immeasurably high.
After arriving in Athens, we rented a car and drove about 40 minutes to the ferry that would take us to Kea. Getting there was super easy. Kea is situated about an hour’s ferry ride from the mainland.

Arriving in Kea was so lovely… we were greeted by a super cute and sleepy fishing village… it was just perfect. The drive home took less than ten minutes. Once there in our Villa called Evanne, the enthusiasm was great… Modern architecture, elegant interior, endless sea view, outdoor kitchen and a stately pool. It has to be said that all Thinking Traveller houses are of a high standard. All houses are very large and offer enough space for family and friends.

The week in Kea was pure relaxation. We went to the main village every morning, bought fresh fish and grilled it. In the evening we visited several picturesque restaurants right by the sea.

In the morning my jogging route was right by the sea and the weather… oh the weather was just perfect. Sunrises, sunsets and this dreamlike view… it felt so liberating to be in this house, to wake up there.
We also drove through the entire island and found that it is still very original. Fantastically deserted beaches and adventurous sand roads. And all that just a 3-hours flight from Hamburg away.

The time in Kea was so good for me and somehow I came home changed. Greece a whole vibe. I can’t wait to come back. And one thing is clear…. I go everywhere in this world where The Thinking Traveller is. Please take a look at my Instagram highlights and see all the stories about this trip there. xoxo Georgina Moreno.